Imagine you are backpacking in a remote part of the Grand Canyon and a catastrophic illness decides to show up just as you are trying to make the climb out. There’s no cell service and no one around to help you. You barely make it out alive, only to learn that the hike back to health is going to be even more difficult.

One doesn’t normally connect humor with healing, but Getting Better is both helpful and (at times) hilarious.  The book is an entertaining collection of one patient’s stories, thoughts and philosophies about how to deal with being really ill. The author shares what he has learned about how to use mental and physical fitness, relationships, faith and a sense of humor to cope with the ups and downs of living with a life-threatening disease for which there is no cure.

Sometimes, dealing with and recovering from serious injury or illness can take all you have both physically and emotionally.  This book is designed to help.  If you’re a patient, learn and laugh along as we go to the hospital, get loopy from meds, get stuck like pin cushions and travel all over to see multiple doctors in the quest for a higher quality of life.

Getting Better isn’t just for patients.  Family members, friends, and caregivers will also find this book to be entertaining and full of ideas about how they can help the healing process for the people they care about.

Please let us know your thoughts about the book or tell us your story and/or your own thoughts and philosophies about Getting Better.