Getting Better: A Patient’s Prescription for Coping with Serious Illness

Audience:  Patients and Their Families
Session Length: 1-2 hours
Description: There can be a great deal of anxiety and fear for patients who have recently had a significant surgical procedure (or are preparing to have one). The same is true for their family members. Mark Landiak is a heart patient and author of the book Getting Better.  His fascinating and uplifting story follows his journey as a patient with Cardiac Sarcoidosis through:
  • Multiple procedures including open heart surgery
  • A life dependent upon a pacemaker/defibrillator
  • An ongoing battle with medicinal side effects
  • A rehab regimen that he must continue every day
His presentation includes stories of his experience that will have the group laughing and thinking about getting better themselves.  Topics Include:
  • How to reduce anxiety and stress for yourself and your family before and after a surgical procedure
  • How to reduce anxiety and stress for yourself and your family during ongoing illness
  • How to stay positive in a negative environment
  • Rehab tips for the best recovery possible
  • The 5 F’s of Getting Better that patients can control
  • Managing your mindset for the best possible outcome
  • The family’s role
Objective: To give patients and their families a sense of comfort over the things they can control
This seminar would be sponsored by a hospital, physician’s practice and/or suppliers.